Namkeens- The Heart of Indian Snacks

Published: 18th June 2009
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Namkeens are considered to the ever popular farshan food of India .They are available in both rich and high calories. If people want to have low calorie based namkeen then they have to keep namkeen aloof from the frying process. Without frying method namkeens can be prepared delicious in taste. Roasting method for preparing namkeens is highly used technique in present world. In low calorie based namkeens oil which is used is double refined soyabean oil. And for making it healthy there must not be any uses of an artificial colors, flavors and preservatives in it and also must be prepare from the most fresh and hand picked material. Hence, they will be low in calorie, rich in protein rich in fibre, easy to digest and very nutritious.

Namkeens are good to eat either by themselves, or they can be served with salads or drinks or can be given to kids in tiffins as healthy snacks. In namkeens the taste of "Garam Masala" is very dominant. This garam masala includes various healthy and strong combinations of products in it. They are like turmeric, ginger, garlic, black pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg & coriander. These all are hygienic for health. Every item has its own beneficial tendencies. For example, turmeric works as blood purifier in body, improves liver function, maintains good skin tone, prevents colds & coughs and it is also considered as an antiseptic treatment. On the other hand, ginger improves digestion, controls blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, etc. Like turmeric and ginger, clove controls gum & tooth infections, strengthens nerves & improves circulation.
Nutmeg helps to feel relief from stress & coriander cures indigestion. Thus finally, namkeens are proved to be the healthiest form of snacks.

The multipurpose frying system is exclusively designed for Indian namkeens& snacks. Less oil is used in preparing namkeens for better oil management. There are different types of namkeens which are prepared by making use of various combinations of products. Indian namkeens are categorized under various forms like chavanas, sevs, etc. The various "Chavana" forms include Mitha chavanas, Mamri, Champakali, Fulvadi, Tamtam, Papad chevdo, Makai chevdo, Mogar dal, Chana ni dal, Sing bhujiya, Chanachor garam, Mix chavanas, Wheat chevdo, Masala chana, Bhadaran na mug, Sadi dalmoth, Chatpatta con, Rajwadi dalmoth, kashmiri dalmoth, etc. The different types of
"Sevs" are like Jadi sev, Naylon sev, Ganthiya, Ratlami sev, Tomato sev, Pineapple sev, Cheese sev, etc. The other forms of namkeen include Bhelpuri, Chakari, Shakarpara, Bhakarvadi, South Wafers, Farsi Puri, etc in it.

Online shopping offers variety of Indian namkeens & roasted snacks which include different kinds of chavanas, sevs and many more items. Various companies like Agarwal Namkeens, Samrat Namkeens, Safal Sweets and Namkeens and etc. are popular namkeen companies. Namkeens of Bikaner are famous all over in India. Trade facility is also available for high export of the product called namkeen.

Online facility has reduced various tasks in purchasing product. The task has been reduced to the choosing of product from the given shopping cart. This facility is much time consuming in nature. Online shops include namkeen products too. Thus, buying of namkeens has turned to be an easier task for customers.

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